The Essential Ingredient: Doula

by DONA International

This documentary was produced by DONA International in 2010

Featuring commentary by all of DONA International's esteemed founders and some of its celebrated past presidents speaking on the origin and rationale of doula support. Their words are complemented by inspiring visuals of treasured birth and postpartum moments courtesy of Jodie Myers/MyBirthMovie.

Birthing From Within

by Pam England and Rob Horowitz

"But mothers aren't at their births, they're in their births: they're in labor, in a trance, in their body, in pain, in joy!"

This is the most empowering book I've come across about birth. It helps you go deep with your feelings about birth and deal with them so you can have your best birth.

Birthing From Within, Sheryl Bane Northwest Indiana Doula

Birth Without Fear

Blog site with several authors

"I went from feeling fear to empowered. I was about to have my baby. With each push I was getting closer to meeting my daughter."

The blog is written by mothers who have had the full range of birth experiences. The whole site has been great but the linked post in particular is really good - The difference a doula makes.

Birth Without Fear, Sheryl Bane Northwest Indiana Doula

Ina May Gaskin

Founder and director, The Farm Midwifery Center

"It's not just the making of babies, but the making ofmothers that midwives see as the miracle of birth."

One of the Mothers of modern midwifery, Ina May has a perspective that every woman should hear.

Ina May Gaskin, Sheryl Bane Northwest Indiana Doula

Penny Simkin

Author, doula, birth educator

"Knowledgeable, caring doctors, nurses, midwives, partners, loved ones and doulas who have confidence in the normal process of birth make an enormous positive difference."

One of the founding members of the modern doula movement, Penny has a rare understanding of the needs of women during pregnancy and birth.

Penny Simkin, Sheryl Bane Northwest Indiana Doula