About Sheryl Bane Northwest Indiana Doula

About Me

A woman's birth experience will stay with her for her entire life. It is a time when she is both her strongest and her most vulnerable. I feel passionately that every woman has the right to give birth in a way that she feels best. I would love the opportunity to help you figure out what is best for you and then help you achieve that birth. My strengths include emotional encouragement and support, using a variety of positions & techniques to move labor along, and including partners to make this a true family experience.

Current Birth Doula Experience 2012-2018
I've had the pleasure of serving several fantastic mammas. It is such an honor to be present when a baby enters the world! I have been privileged with unique birth experiences each time. It has been a mix of new mothers and moms doing it again. I've worked with different doctors, nurses and midwives and have been there for the wide range of experiences during labor, delivery and c-section births

I am also on call with the St. Anthony's Hospital Volunteer Doula program. That has given me the opportunity to serve even more moms over the last few years.

I am a Certified Doula, having completed DONA International Birth Doula Certification training in 2012.

Experienced Mamma to 5 wonderful kids.
I have delivered all of my 5 babies in a variety of scenarios - with an OB and with a Midwife; with an induction plus some medications and completely natural / drug-free. I have labored long hours in the hospital and I have labored peacefully at home. I have experienced fast and furious deliveries as well as hard, emotional and traumatic deliveries.

Whether you are a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran, I would love to help you have the best possible birth experience. Contact me for more information